Why Does My Sewer Line Back Up?

Why Does My Sewer Line Back Up?

If the roof is manufactured from tile or on the second or third story, it may not be possible to clear the road in this means. Snaking the way of a roof vent may not clear a clog – Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου – that is instantly beneath the flange to dissolve tree roots without contaminating the entire tree or surrounding plants. If you flushed your bathroom then observed a big pool of questionable water in your bathtub, you in all probability know something is not fairly right.

You’ll get a profile of your plumber earlier than they arrive so you know who’s coming, and so they’ll show up on time. If you’ll be able to not afford the total price of the job, verify in case your house owner’s insurance may help or if the plumbing company has cost options.

5 Reasons why a bathroom clogs

  1. Another main explanation for sewer backup is gadgets flushed down the bathroom that may not be dissolved, corresponding to toys, female napkins, or child wipes. The solely thing that must be flushed is your waste and bathroom paper. The last thing you need is any extra water backing up into the house.
  2. Stick the straightened hanger into the bathroom bowl and transfer it round to interrupt up the clog. Wait 10 minutes; this will give the bleach time to work on the clog.
  3. Our plumbers would never use chemicals in their very own houses because they’ve witnessed the in depth injury it could possibly trigger. It’s harmful for you, harsh on your plumbing system, and unhealthy for the setting.
  4. Even if you think it’s an effective quick repair, chemicals are never a long-time period answer. Regardless of how minor you suppose the problem is, it’s all the time higher to have any plumbing points dealt with safely, successfully and by an expert.
  5. Squirt a number of tablespoons of liquid dish cleaning soap into the bathroom bowl. This will break up the fats within the clog in the identical way that it dissolves grease. If you don’t have liquid dish cleaning soap, you could also try to use shampoo or perhaps a few small pieces of bar soap.


We have an article on how to unclog a toilet, but we’ll summarize it right here. For example, should you use flange plunger or rest room auger to unclog the bathroom after utilizing chemicals, it could by accident splash on you and burn your skin.

It’s straightforward to overlook the issue, especially when you have youngsters within the residence. They’ll use the sink or try to use the bathroom and find yourself making the backup drawback worse. While you possibly can’t clear the clog your self, you’ll be able to clean up any sewage and hold everybody away from the contaminated areas. Sewage contains micro organism and other microorganisms that can cause disease and an infection. It attained go away, and it poses a major well being threat to anybody close by.

Book a plumber with Apofraxeis Antoniou at present and have the job carried out correctly. Remove the hanger, turn on the water valve and flush the toilet.

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