How to manage your Facebook Page

How to manage your Facebook Page

This is the first in a series of articles that will follow on how you can manage your Facebook page and deal with various problems you may encounter.

When to e-modarate

You have now set up your corporate Facebook page, since in Europe the customer service hours are 9am – 5pm if you answer after 2-3 hours (at the specific time) a post or question that a member of your page has then the person concerned feels in touch with you. On weekends unless there is an event organized by your company the answer to the question usually comes on Monday.

Based on our experience, the site administrator should not update the status more than twice a day, more frequent updates lead users to block updates from that page from their newsfeed. You do not have to update every day. If you do not have something to say just “do not update”.

What users need to know is:

  • You have new content (video, promotion, news story) for them to see.
  • If there is an event related to your brand.
  • If you change any of the rules of your page.
  • If you offer something (discounts, coupons, gifts, etc.).

Finding a voice

Our experience according to Paramarketing shows that the page of a Brand should be managed by a company with expertise in social media for at least the first 7-14 days which will come in contact with the first Fans. During this time the posts should not have any particular style. Some Brands communicate exclusively in the third person, others in the first in an effort to find the ideal communication between brand and Fans.

It would be good for the administrator not to have an ID other than the Brand name as well as one of the most basic things to pay attention to is the spelling, if you are addressing countries with a different time zone to emphasize the GMT. It is necessary for the Fans to feel directly connected to the “voice” that speaks to them through the posts, so the administrator should answer the questions of the fans directly and following some specific rules:

We never answer with the abbreviation of Brand (if any) but with the whole name.
If the text is in a foreign language some expressions like Thanks, excellent photo can be used but not expressions like cheers, Ta, Nice one.
You will refer to the company as “us” and never as “I”.

Creating your own Facebook page is a process that will not take you more than 5-8 minutes, but creating the right bases for a proper communication with the Fans of your brand is something that requires attention, time and right movements.

The concept of ‘being nice’


Most of the time when we communicate online, we rarely have the ability to convey our message clearly. We have neither the ability to convey our message and adapt our body language nor to understand any of it when it is addressed to us, a situation which often results in messages being transmitted in the wrong way even if we had no intention of this happening.

The biggest mistake of a page’s administrators is to ignore good behavior and to this can be added one more, that of chatter when you are going to apologize under a post.

Excessive politeness can also be wrong and we usually find it in some controversy posts where the administrator tries to intervene to calm the spirits a bit. At Seo Experts we have created some rules so that you can manage your Facebook page effectively, thinking correctly every time about what you should answer and always have healthy Debates without having to make decisions about the posts that the majority of users do not like.

Always remember that you will meet people with different cultures that each one will have a different perception of what is right and what is wrong in an exchange of views and ideas.

There are cases where disputes take place on a personal level. An online argument can often be abusive because either side perceives it as a personal attack. Most of the time the answers to a Fan page are delayed while the problem we mentioned should be in real time, it is a common phenomenon that you will have to face but in no case should your behavior show that you take the answer of someone like personal attack on you.

Once a post has become a personal affair, it is easy to see if the post is confronted with some of the rules you have for your page, it would be good to delete posts aimed at direct attack (eg racist comments) but there will always be a a thin line in what a user has said and what exactly he wanted to say, a situation that will make your job as a page moderator quite difficult. The best way to deal with it is always to answer me according to the guidelines of the page and try to transfer the controversy of the users either to their personal emails or to another chat room where it will be resolved between them.


Coherence is the key to earning the respect of your members. We know that at some point you will feel directly linked to the page you are managing as moderators, we also know that the time will come when you think it is a personal attack. But remember that the rules apply to you and your answers and all your behavior should be in accordance with them.

The rules of your page should be the same for everyone, for you, the users and most importantly for those you know offline!

Lastly, do not forget that most of the time you will definitely have opinions on a topic that concerns many people, it would be good not to pass them on to a Post, especially if you think that some will be annoyed even if you believe even for a moment that your arguments are strong and it will not matter if there is another disagreement between the users of your page.

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