6 fashion trends of spring 2020

6 fashion trends of spring 2020

Spring is already here and we know you are dying to learn more about spring 2020 fashion trends. We have prepared a list of outfits that will for sure make a difference during the spring and summer of 2020. Don’t worry, you probably already have a lot of these garments in your wardrobe, as many pieces are a “fashion comeback”.

Generally speaking, this year’s spring trends include some classic looks, as well as some looks that are a little bit more edgy. Furthermore, most of these trends are not targeting a specific body type, as they can compliment every kind of body, from skinny to curvy. But let’s get into the trends, shall we?

  1. Suede

This spring, you can bring back any kind of suede clothing you own. It could be a jacket, a shirt, a skirt, even a maxi dress. An if they have fringe? That’s even better! Pair them with denim fabrics, woven belts and cowboy boots, and you are going to be in the centre of attention.

  1. Suits

Suits were never out of fashion. Some people may consider them to be conservative, but they are wrong. Try some colourful suits and don’t hesitate to wear bold colours. A fuchsia, yellow or bright green suit, will definitely change your mood and bring light  to your days and evenings.

  1. 70’s vibes

The 70’s are ruling in this year’s spring collections. Bright colours, bold yellows and blues, as well as shirts with collars, are back in. Don’t hesitate to show the collar of your shirt or even the puffy shoulders and sleeves. Borrow your mum’s old clothes and you won’t even have to go shopping.

  1. Slip dresses

The simple yet elegant slip dress, is a piece that should be in every woman’s closet. Plain or with lace trims, satin or cotton fabrics and colours are the most fashionable accessories. Layer them with skirts or a pullover and you have a piece of clothing, suitable for all year round.

  1. Tropical prints

What could have given us more 70’s vibes than tropical prints? With palm leaves and animals, long light dresses and button up shirts are what you need for spring 2020.

  1. Business but casual

Last but not least, the business casual look. Pair an office look, either a suit or a button up shirt and a midi skirt with some sneakers r sandals! You can even find bermuda pants worn with jackets this spring.

Don’t be afraid to try some of spring 2020 fashion trends as they are not extravagant. On the contrary, most of them are old fashioned pieces but this time with a twist. Also, don’t forget that spring is all about colours, so get rid of the black pieces for this season!

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